2715 - Fam. P. Goed Von Zesenstraat 36

Auteur: Hans Karman, Canberra Australia, grandson of the Goed family.
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I looked at the photo and can tell you the following:
The people in the photo are from left to right

My Grandfather, Pieter Goed (1873-1970)
My grandmother, Duifje Goed nee Aluin (1884-1960)
My aunt Regina Goed (Gina) (1906-1988)
My aunt Henrietta Goed (Henny) (1909-~1996)
One of the employees, not known to me
My uncle Peter Goed (Menne) (1908-1989)
My father, Jacob Karman, married to Duifje Goed Jr (1908-1949)
Another employees, not known to me

The array of 77 (?) portable kerosene pressure lanterns in front of the shop were rented out to stalls on the Dapper Markt during evening markets. As a teenager I helped out servicing those lanterns by going around the market and pumping up the ones which had diminishing pressure, "pricking" the ones that looked like suffering from blocked jets (which made the lights smoke or burn erratically) and occasionally replacing ones that malfunctioned badly.
We also took the lanterns to places like the Haarlem all-night flower mart once a year, and to the yearly Leidens Ontzet Mart. Another photo of the P. Goed firm is also on the same website, with the same people and the cars and trucks used to take the lanterns around.
Finally, the firm also had smaller (Coleman lantern type) lanterns that could be mounted on top of long poles and were carried on night marches.
The firm moved to no.50, next to the bakery, about 1937, which had a much bigger workshop. They were still operating in 1955 when I moved to Australia and lost contact. Peter Jr had moved to Australia already in 1950, where he died in 1989. He is buried in Sydney.

Hans Karman, Canberra Australia, grandson of the Goed family

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